Currently MECOL® own initiative, always concerned to improve time and operational costs to the national oil industry, has designed and manufactured four tools with excellent results, and patented Approved by the Department of Trade and Patent Office of Standards in Washington, DC / USA

The purpose of these tools is to reduce the posibilities of failures during service operations. To achieve this goal has all the tools in the design torsional strength.

Tools with own patents
Expander (3 blades) Patent No 5.896.940
Expander (3 blades) Patent No 6.009.961
Gasket (Mecol Packer) Patent No. 6.675.890 B2
Section Mill Patent No. 6.920.923 B1

We are pleased to have many designed these tools from an economic angle and productive through the effort of Pietrobelli Group, thus establishing an important precedent for our Company MECOL®

In MECOL®, we are proud to honor our commitments and offer to the petroleum industries different services we provide tightly coupled to the standards of quality worldwide.