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Date:September 19, 2000


Cement Return Recovery System for Ecological Preservation during Cementation Operations (Lake)

The Cement Return Recovery System for Cementation Operations (Lake) aims to safeguard the local ecosystem and prevent environmental damage caused by accidental cement spills during cementation procedures. The system comprises the URCE (Cement Return Collection Unit), which effectively collects cement discharge while checking the efficacy of cementation, ensuring the cement is redirected for appropriate disposal or reuse. This professional solution addresses the ecological concerns associated with cementation processes near sensitive aquatic environments.

URCE Unit Description:
The URCE (Cement Return Collection Unit) is a specialized apparatus designed to be positioned around the surface casing valve during cementation operations. Its primary function is to intercept and recover any cement discharged when the valve is opened for verification of cementation effectiveness. By efficiently capturing and retrieving spilled cement, the URCE unit prevents contamination of the nearby lake and preserves the delicate ecosystem.

Key Components of the URCE Unit:

Hopper: The central component of the URCE unit, the hopper acts as the receptacle for the collected cement. Its design ensures optimal containment and allows for smooth transfer to the pump for reclamation.
Hopper Protector: This crucial element safeguards the hopper from external damage and maintains its structural integrity. It ensures continuous functionality and enhances the longevity of the URCE unit.
4” x 4” Centrifugal Pump: The centrifugal pump, meticulously coupled with an explosion-proof electric motor, facilitates the seamless suction and transportation of the recovered cement from the hopper. Its reliable performance guarantees effective cement retrieval.
Hoses and Connections: All the necessary 4” hoses and connections are meticulously integrated into the URCE unit, ensuring a secure and efficient flow of cement from the hopper to the centrifugal pump.

Operational Process:
During the cementation verification process, the surface casing valve is opened, potentially leading to cement spillage. However, with the URCE unit in place, any discharged cement is instantly collected in the hopper. Subsequently, the centrifugal pump, powered by an explosion-proof electric motor, efficiently transfers the recovered cement from the hopper to the cementing barge.

Ecological Impact and Benefits:
The implementation of the Cement Return Recovery System demonstrates a proactive approach to environmental conservation during cementation operations. By preventing cement spills and mitigating the potential harm to the lake ecosystem, this professional solution promotes sustainability and responsible resource management. Moreover, the collected cement can be appropriately disposed of or potentially reused, minimizing waste and enhancing the overall eco-friendliness of the cementation process.

The URCE unit, integrated within the Cement Return Recovery System, exemplifies a practical and professional approach to safeguarding the environment during cementation operations in sensitive areas like lakes. By capturing and recovering spilled cement, this system effectively prevents ecological damage and supports eco-conscious practices. The seamless integration of the hopper, hopper protector, centrifugal pump, and necessary connections ensures a robust and efficient solution for cement return and management during cementation procedures.