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Date:September 19, 2000

V – 814 Thermochemical process

This is a product designed for multi-functional use to ensure flow assurance and optimize oil production wells. It achieves this by modifying the friction of oil during production, thereby stimulating the flow and preventing line system blockages. The product plays a crucial role in maintaining uninterrupted and optimum oil flow by employing exothermic reactions to generate heat energy, which facilitates a joint action of heat and inert gas.

Its applications include well stimulation to mitigate formation damage, particularly for highly extra heavy crude, and its use in transfer lines (production pipelines) for oil fluids. It can be utilized between the casing and the production tubing, in separators, high and low towers, desalination plants, heat exchangers, sludge oiling, and oil storage tanks with oil and petroleum sand recovery and washing capabilities. Additionally, it helps control aerobic or anaerobic bacteria and iron.

The product’s development specifically focuses on cleaning, treating, and preventing the presence of various compounds, such as precipitates (asphaltenes, paraffin, resins), waxes, slop, organometallics, hydrates, emulsions, and scale deposits like calcium carbonate, calcium sulfate, silica, barium sulfate, metal sulfides, and sand oil.

The chemical compounds within the product, known as V – 814 Thermochemical process, possess the ability to restore a production system to its rated capacity by recovering the pressure differential (Δp) in wells and production lines. In essence, it can rejuvenate and optimize the production system’s performance, ensuring efficient oil flow.