Date:September 19, 2000

V – 814 Thermochemical process

It is a product developed multi-functional to ensure the (flow assurance) and the optimization of oil Production wells. Designed to modify the friction of oil while stimulating the production, avoiding the blockade of line systems. Helping to guarantee uninterrupted of productivity optimum oil flow. Through techniques exothermic reaction of generating heat energy that promotes a joint action of heat and inert gas.
Use in well stimulation (mitigating formation damage), highly extra heavy crude, and transfer lines (production) pipelines), (oil fluids). (between the casing and the production tubing), separators, high and low towers, desalination plants, heat exchangers, sludge oiling, oil storage tanks (with recovery of oil and petroleum sand washing), aerobic or anaerobic bacteria control, control of iron.
Developed to acts in the cleaning treatment and prevention of the presence of compounds such as precipitates asphaltenes, paraffin, resins. Waxes, slop, organometallic, hydrates, emulsions and control of scale deposits such as calcium carbonate, calcium sulfate, silica, barium sulfate, metal sulfides and sand oil.
The chemical compounds of V – 814 Thermochemical process. They have the ability to recover a production system to its rated capacity. (Restoring the Δp). In well and production lines.